Photography for me is all about emotion; feelings that the surrounding world and the experience of being in it evoke within me. The camera helps me in my pursuit to preserve those feelings. Many times my images are a response to the moment in time that I find myself in, however there are times when I like to focus on a particular subject. These are the times when I realise that only one image is not enough to reflect the way I see and feel about the world around me.

Therefore I dedicated this area to my personal projects, ongoing or completed. They are stories and places that I care about, that mean something to me personally, that I can “feel in my stomach”. Unforgettable moments that will always have a special place in my heart and to which I will always long to return.


I made a decision that to me, photography had to be something that I could feel. I could feel in my stomach. I could not take pictures that were not connected to my own inner life.

— Jacob Aue Sobol

Photo A Week