Books Are A Portable Magic

I believe that something magical happens when you open a book and turn its pages, slowly and patiently, with anticipation of what you are going to discover next. It is like a ritual. You run your fingers against the covers and savour the moment before you reveal the mystery hiding in between them.

A Room Without Books Is Like A Body Without A Soul

Lenscapes Press

My love for books gradually evolved into a desire to turn some of my long-term projects into a book format. That led me to starting my own publishing imprint. Please see below for more details about the books available on Lenscapes Press website.

I hope this is just a beginning. There are plenty more projects in progress that I would like to eventually see printed and published.

The Scenic Detours

This book is about the understated charm of the ordinary that I come across when walking through the British countryside. The opposite of the scenic tourist spots admired by many. It is about finding poetic beauty in hidden corners and learning how to appreciate and love a place for what it is and for everything that it comes with, good or bad.

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Wish You Were Here

The Wish You Were Here / Kiss Me Quick companion book set explores the nostalgia of the English seaside through the seasons.

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