Week 15: Tell The Birds She’s Gone

Tell the birds she's gone
Tell them not to stop singing their song
And let it echo
In every corner of my heart

Tell the birds she's gone
Tell them to carry their song to her new home
And let her soul dance
To their sweet music

Another week has gone, and I could hardly notice all the time that has just passed by. After a working week it feels good to be out in the open air again. Walking. Capturing our walks along the Greensand Way is as close to happiness as I can get. Especially on such a beautiful spring day.

Finally my wish came true. I managed to light a candle in a church. It was a beautiful little church that we came across on our walk. It was closed, but luckily we turned up at the right time. A very nice lady arrived there at the same time and let me inside, even gave me the candles to light. Her kindness and generosity moved me to tears. This time they were happy tears.

Though I am having a break from my photography outings, I still take photos when we go walking. They are not spectacular or outstanding. Just simple views and observations. Little snippets of memories that Martin and I share. That is all I can do at the moment. Just one step at a time. One day at a time.

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