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She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city.

Light and Land Blog: Incredible Landscapes of Wales

Abbereiddy Sunset

A while ago I was asked by a journalist, photographer and travel writer Graeme Green to write a contribution to Light and Land‘s blog about Wales and its incredible landscapes. My first thought was Abereiddy Beach. It brings back many beautiful memories of the time my boyfriend and I spent walking along the Pembrokshire coast, in particular one amazing evening that perfectly ended one of our walks. Here is my contribution. If you would like to read the whole blog, which includes 11 more photographers’ favourite Welsh landscapes, please follow the link below:

12 of Wales’ most incredible landscapes

Pembrokeshire used to be called “Gwlad Hud a Lledrith”, which means the “Land of Mystery and Enchantment”. The landscape is built of wild rugged coast and golden beaches, backed up by rolling hills and low mountains, which certainly lives up to its reputation. It is heaven for walkers, photographers and nature lovers.

My favourite part of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path is Abereiddy Beach, which nestles in a sheltered bay in the northern part of St. David’s Peninsula. The beach is lined with colourful pebbles and extraordinarily dark sand made of pounded grey slate.

The real joy is in exploring the coast on foot. Only then will it reveal its beauty and magic. There’s a short two-mile walk from Porthgain harbour to Abereiddy, which is considered one of the best stretches along the entire coast path. It’s a unique combination of natural beauty and Pembrokeshire’s industrial past.

If the tide is low, you can walk down steep steps to a tiny secluded beach at Traeth Llyfn, a lovely peaceful spot where you can linger and enjoy the coast away from other tourists. Elsewhere, the Blue Lagoon is a disused slate quarry that has been reclaimed by the sea.

Once you retrace your steps back to the path, you’re rewarded with a spectacular view of Abereiddy Bay. Walk down the zig-zag path to the beach, find yourself a quiet spot to watch the sun go down below the horizon and soak up the last sun rays reflecting on the dark rock ledges. Life doesn’t get better than this.

Abbereiddy Sunset



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