In Need of Beauty

It has been the third year when instead of hope for new and better beginnings we have been battered and bruised by a world-wide crisis or tragedy of a kind.

In the first year of the pandemic I didn't pick up the camera for six months. Everything related to photography seemed irrelevant. I wasn't able to even think about beauty while there were so many people around us suffering, losing their loved ones or even their own lives. When things started to look up, the second year hit me like a lightning strike with an unimaginable personal loss. When struggling to cope with grief, photography moved down the list of my priorities yet again. This year we are facing another tragedy and fear of being at the brink of the third world war. And the pandemic is far from over!

However, this time I feel I have had enough of bad news. None of this is under my control. If anything happens I will not look back and think "I am so glad I didn't do or enjoy anything because it is all over anyway". On the contrary, I would like to be able to feel that I enjoyed every day the best way I could. I am in need of beautiful views, even if they are just within fleeting moments. I need to carry on taking photographs and immersing myself in the wonder of this incredible world for as long as it is possible. And so I will.

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    1. Thank you so much, Shari for your kind words. I think these days we all need a bit of both. I hope you are well.

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