Happy Father’s Day

It seems almost impossible that it has been over twenty years since I last said "Hello Dad, how have you been?". The years have gone by, however it feels like yesterday since I saw him last. All I have left now are memories of those precious moments we spent together, a few letters and cards, a few photographs... and my first camera. My Dad gave me a little red Konica when I was a teenager. It's almost like he knew what the future held for me...

There are very few things in my life I regret. One of them is not spending enough time with my Dad, not paying more attention to what he said, not asking enough questions to get to know him better, not writing to him more often, not taking hundreds of photographs of him, not telling him how much I loved him... However I can't change the past and won't have another chance to do all those things. All I can do is to remember him. Like he once, when I was a little girl, asked me to in one of his Christmas cards. "It would make me really happy if you tried to remember me." That is one thing I have never had to try...

So Happy Father's Day to my Dad and to all Dads, no matter where they are, beside us, far away from us or living in our hearts...

My Dad
Happy Father's Day

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