Amateur Photographer: A Passion For Books

The New Year started with wonderful adventures and great news. First a trip to my home country, The Czech Republic, and revisiting the beautiful mountains of High Tatras in Slovakia. It was there where I found out about two articles being published in two major UK photography magazines. An interview in the On Landscape online magazine and an article about my latest book in the Amateur Photographer magazine.

I would like say thank you to Will Cheung, a greatly talented photographer and writer, who interviewed me and wrote an article about my love for books. Will gave me an opportunity to share my experience in self-publishing and how the Wish You Were Here / Kiss Me Quick book set about the English seaside came to life.

The print copy of the magazine is now available in all major magazine sellers outlets. Or if you miss it this week, you can still get a back copy in a print or digital form here.

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