2021 Week 52: Getting To The Bottom Of Things

Last week of the year. I decided that the best way to spend the last morning of the year is in my favourite place, the seaside. Just to celebrate having the freedom to go to places. This time last year the situation was much more dire and the future didn’t look greatly better. My hope is that next year will be different.

I headed back to the coast of Kent. This time I chose Herne Bay as my main destination. Having been there before, I felt I wanted to explore it a little bit more. It turned out to be a very good decision. The morning started with a spectacular sunrise, followed by fickle weather that couldn’t change its mind. And so I played along and kept changing my mind accordingly too.

Glorious Sunrise
Day Break On The Beach
Just Getting To The Bottom Of Things

A quick visit to Minnis Bay that is just a few miles down from Herne Bay and I headed back home, just in time for a nice lunch with Martin.

Waiting For The Tide
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