2021 Week 18: There Is Not A Piece Of You

There is not a piece of you that was not once a part of me, Mother said. If you ever feel alone, run your finger over your skin, and squeeze to feel the bone. I am there, I am there.

Another difficult week. Second Sunday in May is Mother's Day in The Czech Republic. Not that I need any reminders, but it is another day to make me realise that I can't just pick up the phone and tell my Mum how much I love her. Or buy a flight ticket and tell her that in person. I never really knew the true meaning of the words "I miss you" until I tried to pick up my phone and realised that my Mum will never answer it again. Until I tried to reach for my Mum's hand just to find an empty space beside me. I know that the pain of missing her will never go away. I am just learning how to live with it.

So I buy roses and light a candle. For both my Mum and Granny. The two people I lost who were closest to my heart. I let myself cry when I need to. It helps to cope with the pain.

On a happier note, Martin and I had another wonderful stroll through the English countryside. After finishing the Greensand Way last week, we decided to extend it a little bit and walk from Ham Street to Rye along the Saxon Shore Way. It was another glorious spring day with wonderful views of typical English countryside. A day in the sunshine and fresh air is definitely a great medicine for any aches and pains. Whether they are physical or emotional.

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