2021 Week 14: The Deeper The Love

The deeper the love, the fewer words you need to express it.

My Mum

When going through the things that my Mum left behind, I found many notes and letters she wrote for me and for herself. This one was one of them. I know for sure how much truth there is in it. I don't have to add anything at all.

The Deeper The Love

After my first attempt to make a photography trip last week I decided that I needed more time to adjust to my new life. In these difficult times spending weekends walking with my boyfriend Martin has been a life saviour. Martin has been my life saviour. His support got me through the most difficult moments, and that I am forever grateful for.

Finally the last lockdown finished, so we can focus on what we both love. We resumed what we started in 2020 - The Greensand Way. The first day was still a bit difficult for me, but gradually I started to feel better. I know I need to carry on and let myself heal, no matter how long it takes.

You Will Bloom Again
Even broken trees bloom every spring.
Like them, I will bloom again
with blossom that lightens the darkness
gathering around my broken heart.

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